A Story to Tell

The story behind the company is derived from a fictional character, a gentleman named Mr Nosey Parker. In the late 1800's he would famously cycle around the grounds of the company on his penny farthing bicycle, wearing top hat and tails, cheerily greeting both employees and anyone else he may come across.


He was interested in people as individuals and the stories they had to tell. Community and communicating with others was what he loved and how he lived his life.

Mr Nosey Parker may be a fictional character but his aspirations live within many of us...sometimes we just need a little encouragement to reach out to others or even let them reach out to us.


Nosey Parkers is about belonging, communicating, sharing, giving and receiving. What may seem like a small gesture to us, could mean a lot to someone else. Through illustrations we hope to help make this happen.

Caroline Obbard, the Illustrator

Hi there, I'm Caroline Obbard, a graphic designer and illustrator based in Perth, Western Australia.


I grew up in the UK and moved out to Australia in my mid-teens. Art was never really on my radar. It was only when I joined a new school in Australia and had to choose some subjects, one of which was art, that I realised it could be quite enjoyable. Mixing ideas together and creating imagery that provoked stories and emotions was both frustrating and therapeutic at the same time. 


Years down the line, I still enjoy drawing and sometimes painting and it's so rewarding when people have a story of their own that relates to something that I have created.

I hope that you enjoy browsing through my creations and if you have any questions please feel to email me, hello@noseyparkers.com.au


Caroline x